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We are official distributors of the prestigious porcelain products brand Luponcio.

At Oasink, we are the official distributors of the prestigious Luponcio brand in Europe. We are passionate about offering aesthetic and functional solutions for kitchen and bathroom spaces through high-quality products and innovative designs. The Luponcio brand is known for its specialization in kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, showers, bathtubs, and tables, all made from large format porcelain.

In addition to being Luponcio distributors, at Oasink, we also take pride in helping our clients design and manufacture large format porcelain furniture. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to understanding the needs and desires of our clients to create personalized solutions tailored to their lifestyles.

At Oasink, our commitment is to provide the highest quality products and services, ensuring the complete satisfaction of our customers. We strive to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies in the market to always offer the best in design and functionality.

By choosing Oasink, you choose excellence in design, quality, and service. Transform your spaces into true oases of comfort and style, hand in hand with Luponcio and our team of experts in large format porcelain. We look forward to welcoming you at Oasink to make your design dreams come true!

Kitchen Sinks

Sa Caleta

A model designed for simple and elegant kitchens. A must-have from the Oasink range that is always a hit.

A sink with straight and modern lines, fully integrated with the countertop.


Possibly the most useful sink in Ibiza series.

Thanks to its two basins, this model is very versatile without compromising the design of your kitchen.


A model designed for simple and elegant kitchens.

An essential model from the Luponcio range that is always a succes.


The Saladeta model offers elegance and discretion.

It has a surface below worktop level that allows a retractable tap to be fitted and concealed under the worktop. Definitely a clean and sophisticated design.


The confort of Portitxol and the elegance of Saladeta come together in the Martina model.

It is a winning combination that offers the possibility of hiding the tap under the worktop and the functionality of the lateral space.

Sa Talaia

Sa Talaia is a model designed for the washing machine room. Its inclinated plane with side rail (optional) makes it very comfortable and practical for domestic tasks.

Unique features.

Easy to Clean

Thanks to its innovative surface and manufacturing, its corners do not stain and are easy to clean.

Perfect water drainage

The base, made from a single piece, undergoes a deformation process to create slopes towards the drain.

+ Optimal water evacuation towards the drain.
+ No joints in the base.

Luponcio Shell

The thermoset polymer that covers luponcio sinks not only prevents water leakage, but also provides safety and durability over the years.

Hidden overflow

The overflow hole is hidden under the material itself, leaving a thin circle visible in its place.

Off-center drain

The drain of the sinks is located near the front.

+ Better use of space in the lower cabinet.
+ Continuous design along the entire base without interruptions.

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