Sinks made from original Neolith

Neolith Calacatta Royale - Sa Caleta Sink
Neolith Calacatta Royale – Sa Caleta Sink

Choose the colour of your kitchen worktop

Himalaya Crystal

Neolith Calacatta


Mont Blanc

Zaha Stone

Abu Dhabi

Unique features of Luponcio’s sinks

Fregadero con base curvada sin juntas

Curved base without seams

A perfect water drainage due to the base of all the sinks having 3 slopes towards the drain. Moreover, it is manufactured as a single piece, so it has no seams that could get stained or open

Hidden perimeter overflow

The perimeter overflow developed by Luponcio is concealed beneath a piece of the same material as the sink, elevating the design to a level of minimalist elegance

Luponcio Shell

A thermoplastic shield covers all Luponcio sinks, providing strength and protection against water leaks

Perfect match with the countertop

Made with the same materials as your kitchen countertop, this sink blends perfectly, resulting in that minimalist look you’re seeking

100% original ceramic

The ceramic used is original from the leading brands in the sector

Eres Profesional?

Si te dedicas al sector de la construcción, tenemos ventajas especiales para ti

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