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Dekton Moone | Portitxol Sink

Experience seamless style with Luponcio’s Portitxol Kitchen Sink, beautifully crafted in the sought-after Dekton Moone color. Merging functionality with minimalist design, this under-counter sink offers a joint-free curved base, convenient side drainer, and easy cleaning thanks to its low porosity. Enhanced with the protective “Luponcio Shell” coating and an off-centered valve, it’s the perfect blend of form and function for modern kitchens. Includes basket valve, overflow, and fixing kit.

1.052,65 (VAT included)

Luponcio Portitxol Kitchen Sink in Dekton Moone Color

Bring a seamless integration into your kitchen with the Luponcio Portitxol Kitchen Sink. Elegantly crafted in the stunning Dekton Moone color, it’s not just a sink, but a statement piece. Designed to complement your countertop, this sink embraces a clean, minimalist style that will leave your visitors impressed. Its unique color and design are not just eye-catching, but also perfectly functional.

Say goodbye to unsightly joints with its one-piece curved base. This feature not only adds to its aesthetic appeal but ensures that you won’t face issues with joints opening over time. Plus, with its side drainer, you’re guaranteed an easier dish-drying experience or even a handy assistant during your cleaning sessions. And if you’re worried about water seeping in, don’t be! The external Luponcio Shell thermoplastic coating ensures that water infiltration becomes a concern of the past.

Cleaning has never been this easy! Its low degree of porosity ensures that disinfecting and tidying up is a breeze. Furthermore, the off-centered valve takes into consideration the better use of the lower cabinet, making sure you utilize every inch of your kitchen space. Lastly, with its under-counter placement, the sink comes with all essentials including a basket valve, overflow, and a fixing kit using straps. Dive into a world where functionality meets style with the Luponcio Portitxol Kitchen Sink in Dekton Moone color.

Quick Highlights:

  • Color: Dekton Moone
  • Integrated side drainer for convenience.
  • One-piece curved base design without joints.
  • Minimalist and sleek style in sync with countertops.
  • Easy to clean with low porosity level.
  • External “Luponcio Shell” thermoplastic coating.
  • Off-centered valve for optimized cabinet use.
  • Under counter placement.
  • Package includes: Sink, basket valve, overflow, and fixing kit.


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