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Neolith Black Obsession | Sa Caleta Sink

Upgrade your kitchen with the elegant Luponcio Sa Caleta sink, styled in the captivating Neolith Black Obsession color. Designed to flawlessly merge with your countertop, it boasts a joint-free curved base and a minimalist appeal. With features like easy cleaning and a protective “Luponcio Shell” coating, it’s both beautiful and practical. Includes basket valve, overflow, and a fixing kit.

565,64 (VAT included)

Luponcio Sa Caleta Kitchen Sink in Neolith Black Obsession

Looking to give your kitchen a sleek and unified look? Introducing the Luponcio Sa Caleta Kitchen Sink, brilliantly designed in the mesmerizing Neolith Black Obsession color. This sink isn’t just about its stunning looks. With a base that curves seamlessly in one piece, say goodbye to unsightly joints that can wear over time. The integration with the countertop ensures a clean, minimalist style that everyone will fall in love with.

Concerned about maintenance? No worries! The Sa Caleta sink boasts a low degree of porosity, making cleaning and disinfecting a breeze. But we didn’t stop there. We’ve enhanced its durability and functionality with an external thermoplastic coating called “Luponcio Shell” to prevent any unwanted water infiltration. And with its off-centered valve, you can maximize the use of the cabinet space below, truly making every inch count.

Designed for under-counter placement, every Luponcio Sa Caleta sink comes complete with a basket valve, overflow, and a handy fixing kit for those using straps. Get ready to elevate your kitchen’s aesthetics while enjoying functionality at its best!

Quick Highlights:

  • Color: Neolith Black Obsession
  • Curved base in one piece for a sleeker look
  • Clean and minimalist style with countertop integration
  • Easy to clean and disinfect
  • Exclusive “Luponcio Shell” for water protection
  • Off-centered valve design
  • Under counter placement
  • Included: Sink, basket valve, overflow, and fixing kit


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