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Neolith Calista | Sa Caleta Sink

Discover the Luponcio Sa Caleta kitchen sink in the elegant Neolith Calista color. Seamlessly blending with your countertop, it boasts a joint-free curved base, minimalist design, and the protective “Luponcio Shell” coating. Easy cleaning, under-counter placement, and an off-centered valve make it both stylish and functional.

885,72 (VAT included)

Luponcio’s Neolith Calista Kitchen Sink: A Seamless Blend with Your Countertop

Ever dreamt of a kitchen sink that flawlessly matches your countertop? Introducing the Luponcio Sa Caleta in the stunning shade of Neolith Calista. This sink isn’t just about aesthetics; its base is curved in a single piece, ensuring there are no unsightly joints that might deteriorate over time. The result? A clean, minimalist style that’s perfectly integrated with your countertop.

But the Sa Caleta is more than just a pretty face. Made with a low degree of porosity, it’s a breeze to clean and disinfect. Plus, with the external “Luponcio Shell” thermoplastic coating, you won’t have to worry about water infiltration. And for those who value functionality, the off-centered valve is a game-changer, allowing for optimal use of the cabinet space below.

Designed for under-counter placement, this sink package comes complete with a basket valve, overflow, and a fixing kit for strap-based installations. Upgrade your kitchen with Luponcio’s promise of quality and style.

Quick Highlights:

  • Color: Neolith Calista – perfectly matches your countertop.
  • One-piece curved base – no unsightly joints.
  • Clean and minimalist design.
  • Easy to clean and disinfect due to low porosity.
  • Protected by “Luponcio Shell” thermoplastic coating.
  • Off-centered valve for efficient cabinet space usage.
  • Under-counter placement.
  • Package includes: Sink, basket valve, overflow, and fixing kit.


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